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Whitney Houston: Last Hope for Our Diva

June 18, 2009

Whitney Houston Concert Video

My heart raced with excitement when I found a link to one of the greatest female singers of all times. I knew the article titled “The Screams Heard Round The World” didn’t indicate a great performance. But that didn’t matter, having some music training I knew that it would be impossible for the Diva to be at her best right away after some rough living. I just wanted to see if there were flashes of her past brilliance there, with just a hope of what could possibly happen again.

I watched the entire ten minute plus performance just hoping for a glimpse of the past brilliance that made Whitney Houston possibly the greatest female vocalist of all times. It hurt badly to hear her struggle on notes that use to be routine for her. I believe that there may have also been some technical difficulties that contributed to her pitch problems. I winced a couple of times as she ran through  and missed some of the trademark vocal runs that separated her from all other vocalist in her heyday.

But then I heard it… not for very long. Just a brief little impulsive unprepared song that she just threw out for the audience. Read more…


When Little White Boys Get Big Shiny Badges

June 17, 2009

If you haven’t seen the recent police incident between Emergency Medical Technician Maurice White Jr and Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Martin Daniels. Check out the video below.

This incident is prime example of  police /community relationships in the black community, and I don’t even think it started out as a racial issue. In my opinion, this started out as a ego power thing with an officer insulted because an ambulance “with a passenger in the back being treated) did not pull over fast enough. It  probably was even more insulting to the officer because he allegedly had his wife in the car with him(why?).

However, when he was met by the black male supervisor of the ambulance, his ego had enough. The officers language and tone which was already heated and confrontational became vulgar and demanding. Exiting the vehicle of the car, you hear the officer yell, “Hear, now”. You’ve got to be kidding me!  That’s a “dad-to-son” command when the son is about to get the flux. Or even a master to dog command to a disobedient canine. Certainly not the way a grown man talks to another grown man that he respects. For full video, Click here.

Yet  this is a constant problem in our nation, too many police officers believe that because they have that big shiny badge (translated=power), that they can talk to anyone however they want to, and if the person responds in kind they are either “obstructing” or “disorderly”.

This seems to be an extremely common behavior when police officers feel that they are talking to someone that may be a threat. Well, guess who’s always considered to be a threat? ME!! The dangerous and fear causing black man. Read more…

Sorry Chris and Rihanna…But I gotta say it!

June 16, 2009
Happier times

Happier times

I tried my best to stay away from this Chris Brown – Rihanna thing. I stood back and watched entertainers and celebrities along with the regular gossip shows and news programs voice their opinions on the incident with almost hourly updates. I winced as the pics of Rihanna’s beaten face were released.

But I never really discussed it. Conversation after conversation offered opportunity for me to voice my feelings but I abstained. Some because I didn’t feel I had all the details, but mostly because I kinda liked the kid. I mean I thought the kid had some talent. A nice combination of a decent singing voice and an excellent dancer/performer. He performed with an almost cocky air that the real stars all seem to have.

But today I realized that my silence had been mistaken for approval. While in my car today listening to my 14 year old daughter and her friends say “she should just forgive him and get back with him” , I realized that my refusal to discuss the incident had placed me in the “silent approval by silence” group with the likes of many of Chris’ celebrity friends. Read more…


June 16, 2009

2nd Class Sista’s…Please Wake Up!

June 14, 2009

As a married man with children, I’ve learned that their are some women that are just loose and wild regardless of your commitment status. Believe me unless you are just a dawg, these type of women have nothing to offer outside of sex and the destruction of your family. These are just low or 3rd class sista’s that offer little temptation.

But every once in a while, I meet what appears to be a together young or middle-aged woman, that makes herself  discreetly available for dinners or out of town trips. Even women that say they don’t want to interfere with your marriage but they “enjoy your company”. These 2nd class Sista’s, often puzzle me.

According to Webster, a 2nd class citizen is “a person who is not accorded a fair share of respect, recognition, or consideration”. The same can be said about 2nd Class Sista’s. These are sista’s that often appear to be 1st class on the surface, but for whatever reason they lack the ability to demand the same amount of respect.
Read more…

The Knock on Hip-Hop

June 14, 2009








I realize I’m not 18 or 20 years old anymore. So you won’t see me saggin’ and sportin’ ice for days  while chasin’ shorties. I’m past that stage in my life. But I still love real hip hop and I still think I can still get my “grown man” swag rolling when I have to.

I have teens of my own, and I work with teens all the time, so I constantly listen to hip hop, the new and the old stuff.

So I’m not one of the critics that feel hip-hop is a waste or just all garbage. I’m not even on the side of Ice T who declared Soulja Boy as the reason for the decline of good hip-hop. I just believe that today’s hip hop platter is destructive and unhealthy.

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Irv’s Got(ti) Problems

June 12, 2009


Amid the nations new crazed obsessions with reality shows, I find that most of them are ridiculous and not anything close to “real” reality. However, I have to admit to a new weekly craving for a dose of VH-1’s “Gotti’s Way“.

Don’t get me wrong, the Gotti’s lifestyles are no where near my realities. But I hear so many of our young peoples idealogies in Irv’s presentation of himself, tho’ often hilarious, it’s really pretty sad.

At first I felt Irv was just clowning for the cameras and trying to live up to every negative black male stereotype that a lot of our new hip hop portrays, after all he is a very good business person willing to do what he has to for success. Then it hit me, Irv is really trying to live the dream of  a lot of young black men and unfortunately, Deb is locked into the miserable place that a lot of young sistas think they want to attain. Read more…